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Leading in all aspects of your life.

We are all leaders. Confident, enlightened leaders know how to embrace their emotions to improve their personal and parenting relationships.

You are a leader. You have impact on yourself and others. Your interactions can have purposeful constructive or destructive impact. At the core of these interactions are emotions.

Most of us are not trained to use our emotions in healthy, constructive ways. We hide our feelings, create or run from conflict or put up barriers that undermine communication and connection with the people we love.
Emotion leadership programs and products bring out the confident, enlightened leader in you.

You’ll increase your confidence through a better understanding of emotions, a strong foundation of self-development and strategies for healthy communication with yourself and others.

Emotion Highway™

Being mindful and centered every day can be challenging as we road trip through life. How do you navigate through the situations and obstacles that show up along the way? We’ll share tips and tools to redirect your actions and center you on your emotion highway.

Work / Life Harmony

Learn about the 7 areas for personal development. You’ll discover tools that broaden your perspective, determine where you need to focus today and develop a plan to engage your power and passion for success.

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The Four Styles of Communication

Do you know your style? Do you understand how others communicate and respond through their own style? Explore the characteristics of each communication style and the impact they have on your relationships.

Enlightened Leadership

The demands of personal, family and community life can feel overwhelming. You can lose your identity and feel drained, diminishing your ability to lead yourself and others. Discover the four distinct levels of leadership and the impact each has on the other. Broaden your awareness and create strategies to manage your energy.

Recognize your leadership abilities — and uncover the possibilities — as you learn the formula to become a more enlightened leader.

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Annual Conference

Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership for Your Personal Life

One on one coaching designed to guide you towards fulfilling your life goals. Whether you want to expand your confidence, improve your relationships or ignite your passion, your personal coach will work with you to set and achieve your life goals.

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  • Leadership for the Women's Spirit™
  • Leadership for the Parents Spirit™
  • Stop Faking Your Life

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"She empowered me to use my strengths in working toward clearly-defined milestones. It was one of the few experiences I've ever had where someone supported me in my goals who truly had my best interest at heart." - Sandy B., Entrepreneur and Mother