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Whether you lead a company, a team, a community or a family - you have the capability to be a great leader. Great leaders have harnessed the power of their emotions to effectively communicate with themselves first, and then engage clearly with others.

Christina Trevino and her team at Emotion Leadership Enterprises (ELE) offer extensive leadership training to people at all ages and stages of life to harness the power of their emotions.

Professional Development
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Learn more about emotion leadership and how it can improve critical professional skill sets. Our leadership programs are designed to help develop and empower all levels of leadership, individuals, and teams.

Professional Leadership
Work Life Harmony
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So many programs focus solely on teaching hard skills. Our unique formula teaches you to harness and increase your energy by focusing on what drives perspective, motivation, and rejuvenation.

Personal Leadership

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It’s never too early to build great leaders. Leadership for the Teen Spirit is a series designed to inspire awareness and self- development through strategic information, implementation and insight.

Teen Leadership
Zoo In You
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Help your child identify and express emotions with our innovative Zoo in You™ series. Creative storytelling and loveable characters to teach children to recognize, respect and talk about emotions.

Leadership for Children

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